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            公司簡介 您當前的位置:網站首頁 > 公司簡介

              哈爾濱順達機電設備有限公司,座落于黑龍江省哈爾濱市動力高新技術產業園區。是一家專業從事客梯、貨梯、別墅梯、雜物梯、餐用電梯的技術研發、設計、制造、安裝、維修、保養為一體的綜合型企業。 公司以現代經營理念和科學技術創新為基礎,開發生產引領21世紀新潮流的先進產品,產品應用于商務酒店、賓館、快餐、醫院和科研機構及大專院校的同時,針對現代家庭居住條件和環境的改變,研發出適合于復式樓、別墅等家用電梯。在您享受現代生活的同時,給您帶來便捷和超值的服務。通過在實踐中不斷總結經驗,并積極引進國內外一流的科技成果,致力于提高產品質量和性能的同時,針對用戶的不同需求,以顧客滿意為宗旨,為您奉獻一流的產品和滿意的服務。本公司生產的電梯已出口非洲與俄羅斯,誠摯歡迎廣大客戶與我們合作!

              Enterprise Brief lntroduction Harbin Shunda Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd,located in Hei-Iongjiang Province Harbin Dongli District High—Tech development zone,is a professional comprehensive enterprise specialize in technique research,design,manufacture,installation,repair,maintenance of dumbwaiters and restaurant elevator. Based on modern management ldea and science technology creation.Our company has deveIoped products that Ieads the trend in 21st century,ou r products have been used by busIness hotel,hotel,fast food restaurant,hospitals and research institutes,as welI as,colleges and Universities Meanwhiie aimed at changes of modern residence and environment,we developed new product for multi-floor departments and house.Our product brlngs you convenient and valuable service.while enjoying modernIife.With our experience in years,,we have been working on improving quality and performance of our product,by adopting advanced technique.Almed at different customer requi rements concentrated on customer’s satisfaction,we bring you first rate products and satisfied service,,we sincerely welcome you our customers to cooperate with us.


              With years of work..Harbin Shunda Mechanical&ElectricaI Equipment Co,Ltd have developed from an unknown enterprise into leading famous enterprise In the trade now it is the manufacturing base of dumbwaifers in China.We work on our best to satisfy the individual requirements of every customer,from manufacture,installation,maintenance.Moreover,we paid our attention to each product,to make it into a harmony of science and art,Classics and fashion,which can be relied on by our customers.


              We wish friends all over the world,can visit us,gradually get to know to each other you will get a real perception of Harbin Shunda Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd.Let’s make joint efforts for the promotion of mutual understanding and the prosperity of business,we will try our best to meet your needs,every project will be completed in careful way,to devote our effort to the success of your career.

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